All Over InnovationInnovation

All Over InnovationInnovation

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From InceptionInception

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Through ConceptualizationConceptualization

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To AccomplishmentAccomplishment


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Who we are|||who we are

TELGE, an integrated BIM Company born from a network with unparalleled connections to the AEC industry. We do believe in smarter working through stronger insights. With our hyper-connectivity to technology, we have the know-how of where and why BIM is required. We call it Connected Construction. We have successfully created an impact on global AEC projects because of our unprecedented research, development & knowledge. And that’s why we’re best in class. TELGE PROJECTS is a family of multicultural and multidisciplinary civil engineers headquartered in India. A group of creative, talented, and trained professionals all work together under one roof to transform the way the world is seen for the construction industry and current trends associated, utilizing the techno tools to work into solutions and better functionality of the projects.


What we do|||what we do

Our major business verticals in AEC covers a wide range of civil engineering services adopting high-end technology and global market needs.
Modelling & Detailing

Modelling & Detailing

BIM construction modelling with high level of detailing from LOD 100 to LOD 500.

Modelling & Detailing

MTO (Material Take-Offs)

MTO (Material Take-Offs)

Material take offs for engineering and construction with the accurate and quicker quantities for different types of materials used for a structure.

MTO (Material Take-Offs)

2D Drafting Services

2D Drafting Services

Getting exact formatting and presentation as desired for the construction drawings consisting of shop drawings / fabrication drawings, assembly drawings etc.

2D Drafting Services

BIM Coordination

BIM Coordination

We work with all the stakeholders of the project, Architects, Structural Designers, Detailers, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Contractors, Builders, etc.

BIM Coordination

Constructability Analysis

Constructability Analysis

We believe in identifying potential hurdles before the project is built to ensure a streamlined project and it's processes.

Constructability Analysis

Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Whether it is an information phase, analysis phase, development phase or presentation phase we perform value engineering to identify and solve the problems.

Value Engineering


Projects Completed


Worldwide Clients


Countries Worked


Team Members

Our work|||our work

The multiple sectors of building construction we have worked in using BIM (Building Information Modelling) techniques and value engineering.

Industrial Towers

Material Conveyors

Metro Stations

Mixed-Use Developments

Office Buildings

Parking Garages

PEB Sheds Structure

Piper Conveyor Systems

PPVC Modules Construction

Residential Complex

Retaining Walls

School Buildings

Sports Stadium Units

Tunnel Units

Warehouse & Storages

Water Tanks

The drawings look good! I am really happy with the latest drawings you did.

Ms. TP
Precast company from Ireland

The piece tickets look good.

Mr. BS
Precast structural engineering company from Florida, USA

Thank you very much for your extended support, good teamwork & Great Job. Congrats to all of you! Please keep the same efforts towards us.

Mr. AP
Global Mineral Industries from Copenhagen, Denmark & India

I really appreciate the effort you have put into our project. Thanks for your support. Also, Thank you for being part of our team.

Mr. SR
Global Mineral Industries from Copenhagen, Denmark & India

This is to thank you and your team for your kind support and promptness to achieve the target release date without any further delays. Looking forward to seamless support hereafter!!!

Ms. SR
Heavy Engineering company from India

We have now issued Level 2 for construction ahead of schedule which is excellent. Well done to you and your team.

Mr. JF
Engineering company from Queensland, Australia

Thank you very much for quickly submitting the drawings, I hope this level of commitment will continue in our future endeavours.

Mr. PP
Engineering & Construction company from Indian Conglomerate

Your quality and on-time deliveries are absolutely good wherein your communication and resolvency is excellent.

Mr. KS
Steel Fabricator from South Carolina, USA

Your efforts are much appreciated.

Mr. MK
Consulting company from Perth, Australia
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