Why us|||why us

The world has never been more online than it is today. In this new, digitized construction environment, we help you navigate your consumers' new landscape, while simultaneously nurturing our existing skills and developing innovative techniques to ensure our services keep you in pace with your target’s changing behaviors and evolve with your evolving needs. Moreover, with our growing relationships with the leading companies worldwide that are at the forefront of this digital construction age, you’ll be able to benefit from services and expertise from our ever-expanding knowledge base.

Countries we worked|||we worked

From initial site studies, to design, to construction and commissioning, we stand by our clients as technical experts throughout the development cycle. We collaborate with planners, architects, consultants, program managers and construction managers to deliver high-performance buildings, infrastructure and communities. Our experience can be seen in landmark projects around the world.

Our USP's|||usp

Telge Projects live upto promised value preposition and drive it throughout our organization in a way that our clients must say "Yes! THAT is what I want!"


The process of conceptualization we connect the ideas that our client has with a final concept that responds to their concerns.

R & D Team

Our team spans from knowledge-building research to more industry oriented production and method development, in close collaboration with unique approach.

High Level of Detailing

Our BIM modeling services include creating accurate 3D clash free models with LOD 100-500 with high attention to construction details.

Checking Facility

Our quality assurance and quality control services help you ensure compliance with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations and quality standards.

Feasibility Study

We take project's relevant factors into account including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling to ensure completing the project successfully.

BIM Coordination

Clash Detection for coordination process to eliminate the system conflicts prior to installation by comparing 3D models of different building systems.


Easy and smart transition from the conventional method of 2D drafting to 3D BIM visualization and automated drafting techniques facilitating huge convenience.

Exploring Design

Solving problems and working on emerging challenges in pre-design and pre-construction stage, improving quality of project execution and lifecycle.

24/7 Support

Our international customers have never had to wait for several hours or even until the next day to receive answers, we reply within a few minutes to an hour.


Using smart tools to produce efficient automated deliverables from planning to execution though handholding of high end software like Tekla.

Customization Support

To help build components tools, whose application can be performed by the own users allowing them to adapt to their future project needs.

Modular Construction

Buildings that are constructed off-site in controlled plant conditions as a part or whole, wherein onsite work is going on reducing the total project time to half.

Telge Projects is always interested in new,
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So, why not contact us and send us your project requirements, and we’ll do the rest!

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